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About Lviv

Beauty, which won a time
With the dramatic history of the city has little to compare. Today - this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the central part of which is the inheritance of UNESCO. City over the centuries built the best architects from all over Europe. But only 60 years ago, when Lvivbecame part of the Soviet Union, Communist ideology hatched Murderous Plans - bulldoze the old part of the city and in its place build a broad modern avenues typical Soviet city with a giant monument to Lenin on the castle hill. Then fate has kept city. How to end earlier. It's really incredible, but despite two world wars that swept the city (the last 100 years, the city seven times passed from hand to hand as a result of war), all the architectural masterpieces have survived the time of the original form. Lviv - a unique blend of East and West cultures. Where is a 10-minute walk you can see excellent examples of Ukrainian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish, German, Austrian and other cultures? Lviv - a hidden gem of Europe, which slowly discovering the world. Even seasoned travelers say viv for them is one of the most unexpected discoveries.

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